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Lessons in Idols from Indiana Jones

“Indiana, Indiana. Let it go.”
-Henry Jones (Father of Indiana Jones)

Do you remember when Henry Jones, Indiana’s father, spoke these words to him as he was hanging over a crevasse with his hand just inches away from his coveted prize, the Holy Grail? “Let it go.” He had to let it go. That thing which had been his obsession, his life, his purpose, his savior – “Let it go.”

Our lives too hang over an abyss. Our self chosen idols (saviors, gods, dreams, projects), which have enslaved us for years, may just be inches from our grasp! It’s just then, and perhaps over and over throughout life, that Jesus must intervene and say calmly: “Let it go. Your idol cannot save you or give you ultimate meaning. Let it go. Grab my hand.”

When we trust in idols to save us, to give meaning to our existence, we are asking it to do something that it is incapable of doing. Money can’t save you. Family can’t save you. Sports can’t save you. Romance can’t save you. In the dark clutches of the idol, however, we are prone to think that they CAN save, they CAN bring ultimate meaning, but idols will “always break your heart” (Timothy Keller). They can dazzle us and garner our unwitting worship, but they cannot save.

Only Jesus can save. When Jesus is your savior, these things that we have elevated to godly status, can return to their created purpose and function. Money can be JUST money. Careers can be JUST careers. Children can be JUST children. Romance can be JUST romance. Sports can be JUST sports. God wants you to use these things for HIS kingdom, not for these things to use you for theirs. You can now love these things as they SHOULD be loved, not in a narcissistic, self serving manner.

Do you have idols? Of course, we all do at various times in our lives. But, when Jesus is the one who sits atop of your faith “food chain”, we are freed and emancipated to be creatures once again, rather than trying to be THE creator. We are freed to be what we were created to be! We are freed to be sons and daughters of the King, who live in HIS redemptive freedom. This means that the idol doesn’t get to have first place in your life any longer. The grail won’t be your purpose in life, your redeemer. The grail can be just a cup.

By the way, it is critical to remember that your idols will not go down without a fight. They are going to cry out and inform you that you can’t go on without them being in first place. “Can you really live without me? Do you not care? Your life will go downhill!” With Jesus as your Lord, you are now free to tell your idols where to get off! And remember, (insert your name) “Indiana. Indiana. Let it go”, and grab ahold of Jesus.

“Therefore repent and turn back, so that your sins may be wiped out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” - Acts 3:19

In Christ,
Pastor Shaw


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