Teenagers are running this place

awesome volunteers

awesome volunteers

Thank the awesome young people that have played pivotal roles as we worship and share the gospel with Children. For vacation bible school this year more than half the volunteers running skits, games, lessons, and crafts were teenagers. We also have young people actively involved in multimedia technology for worship services. If we want people to be involved in a faith community providing meaningful opportunities to join in what God is doing; joining Jesus in building the kingdom, is vital. Young people will continue to play vital leadership roles. God uniquely gifts us all, and calls us to use those gifts to build His kingdom.

I encourage you to use your gifts and talents in building the Kingdom of God at Emmanuel. What are you passionate about and how can those passions be used to build God’s kingdom? Do you have time to run copies? Organize supplies for Sunday school? Build puppets? Sew curtains? Set your mind on what you have and how it can be used to share the gospel!

It is exciting to see how, in so many ways, we do this at Emmanuel already. Members of all ages make meaningful contributions to share the gospel, it is my hope and prayer, with a thankful heart for those who are already making amazing things happen, that we continue to do so more and more!



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