Life Groups



Life Groups are small, member led groups that meet regularly to discuss the bible, the week’s sermon and our personal challenges among many other topics. Life Group meetings are a safe, non-hostile environment where we encourage questions and healthy discussions, so think of a Life Group as support system meets a bible study group. They are great for making friends and learning more about faith.

Come join us on April 22, at 5:00 pm for GroupLink, an event where you can meet people in a similar stage of life and area of town with the goal of joining a LifeGroup. A host, staff members and volunteers, will be on hand to help you navigate the process of meeting others and joining a group.

If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, you need to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and a LifeGroup is the ideal place for that. In a LifeGroup, eight to twelve adults in the same stage of life and area of town meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, as you encourage others to do the same.

Hope to see you here!

If you have questions about anything or would like to sign up for Group Link, please email Tiffany (

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