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The Heart of Valentine’s Day

I always hate to burst bubbles but sometimes it is very necessary, especially when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  For myself (and probably for most of us), I was raised to understand Valentine’s Day romantically.  But, Valentine’s Day is not about romantic love. The holiday we celebrate, known as Valentine’s Day, is derived from the commemoration […]

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12 Books Every Christian Should Read. Book 4.

“On Being a Theologian of the Cross” was written by my professor at Luther Seminary, Gerhard Forde.  The book is a commentary on Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation in 1518.  The crux of Luther’s argument in the Disputation is that evil deeds are less of an impediment to salvation than good works.  Evil deeds are obvious:  […]

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12 Books Every Christian Should Read. Book 3

“On the Incarnation.” Athanasius of Alexandria (ca. 298-373). Athanasius attended the Council of Nicea, and was one of the main defenders of Nicean theology, as he vigorously opposed Arius and his heretical beliefs.  Arius proclaimed that Jesus was not fully divine and therefore not Homoousian (of same substance/being) with God the Father.  Through much personal […]

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