12 Books Every Christian Should Read. Book 3

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“On the Incarnation.” Athanasius of Alexandria (ca. 298-373).

Athanasius attended the Council of Nicea, and was one of the main defenders of Nicean theology, as he vigorously opposed Arius and his heretical beliefs.  Arius proclaimed that Jesus was not fully divine and therefore not Homoousian (of same substance/being) with God the Father.  Through much personal sacrifice and passionate preaching and writing, Athanasius gave the definitive argument for the Son’s eternal existence and essential unity with the Father. If you are Christian today who doesn’t stumble over Christ being fully God and fully man, you have Athanasius to thank. On the Incarnation is his theological treatise about our Lord’s full deity and full humanity. Also, take a look at who wrote the introduction to this edition of “On the Incarnation”.  The first person to email me with the answer gets a free coffee card. dshaw@elctacoma.org

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