The Restart Challenge Day 11: Pray

CHALLENGE: Pray for 10 minutes

Prayer is an essential piece of the Christian life. It allows us to communicate with God in response to God’s communication to us in his Word. Sometimes prayer can seem overwhelming, especially praying for a chunk of time. Not all prayer has to take this format, but I have found the ACTS model to be helpful.

A – Adoration: Spend time in awe and wonder of God. Focus on who He is: Creator, Savior, Redeemer, Provider, Protector, Comforter, Holy, Wise. If you need help, look to Psalms 8 & 96 for reference.

C – Confession: We serve a holy and perfect God, yet every day we sin in the things we say, think, do, and even in the prideful motivations behind some of the good things we do. Confess your failures and sins to a loving God who delights in forgiving his children.

T – Thanksgiving: This is similar to adoration, but more focused on tangible things we are thankful for. This includes both things God has done in our lives & the lives of those around us, and the ways that God has been faithful to his people (which we are a part of) throughout history. Psalms 105, 106, & 107 are great reference for ways of being thankful to God for his past and present provisions to his people.

S – Supplication: Ask God for what is on your heart. This is usually where we spend the bulk of our time praying. Like a perfect Father, God delights in hearing the requests of his children. Boldly and honestly bring your requests for yourself and others before the One who works all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

The important thing about the ACTS prayer, at least starting out, is that each section is roughly the same in length. So, for today, if 10 minutes seems like an eternity, break it down this way:

2 minutes – Start with The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13)

2 minutes – Adoration

2 minutes – Confession

2 minutes – Thanksgiving

2 minutes – Supplication

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